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It is often said that an entrepreneurial idea comes from frustration.

Well, here's one: What do we eat?


We have all asked ourselves this question. And it is by asking it for the umpteenth time that we decided to find a solution, for us, but also for all those who love great food as much as their beautiful province!

On Mange Quelle, it's above all a team who shares grea food at least as often as their office and who wishes to offer everyone fresh and local meals!





The pragmatic sportsman, the one who likes good balanced dishes but who does not want to get lost in the aisles of the grocery store.





The gourmet of the team, the one who loves to eat but who is only just beginning to master the recipe of Hollandaise sauce.

The curious foodie, the cook of the gang who likes to share his great dishes and recipes with his family and his friends  but who would rather have a little more inspiration than to have two taco nights in the same week.